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GlobalNet has been delivering practical ICT courses since 2012. GlobalNet is an innovative, pioneering and a world-class ICT learning centre!Our institute provides a wide range of accredited courses and training at our convenient locations. Our locations are close to major shopping, restaurant and are all well serviced by public transport.

We aim to provide our students with a smart start to education, giving them a better and brighter future. GlobalNet understands that each individual has different levels of learning and therefore, GlobalNet provides different types of delivery training methods and training packages to custom-fit to your needs. At GlobalNet, training is always cost effective, flexible, convenient and most importantly, relevant to your future.
At our Training College we focus not only Examination success, but also upon our student’s future in the IT industry. Our students are guided towards accreditation. If a student is unsuccessful at his/her first attempt of the exam, we allow him/her to retake another class at no cost, so he can attempt the certification again.
Our facilities and resources are exceptional. We have fully equipped State-of-the-Art labs and equipment. Also, we help our students to develop interesting and challenging careers by imparting skills that are in high demand globally. We give our students a solid foundation, in order to pursue their career goals.
Our commitment to our customers will continue to see the Institute at the forefront of excellence and innovation and ensure we are recognised as the leading provider of vocational learning and workplace development both locally and globally.
We invite you to find out more about the world-class institution available to you and your family, right here at GlobalNet. Our primary commitment is to facilitate and support student success in learning.
Interesting to train with GlobalNet? You may please check the upcoming course schedule and see how GlobalNet can help you!

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