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GlobalNet has been delivering practical technology courses since 2001. GlobalNet is an innovative, pioneering and a world-class training institution that provides industry recognised certifications to individuals and organisations. We are living in fast-changing world technologically, we are committed to provide programmes that are engaging, effective, accessible, flexible, affordable and relevant to our students.

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the way we do

In-Class Training

We have strategic centres in London

We offer regular scheduled courses from our training centres located strategic places in London.

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Join our classess from anywhere

Experience our interactive Live training from the comfort of your home or office.


Convenient & flexible

We provide on-demand training that fits into your busy schedule.

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why we do?

learning should be accessible

We believe education should be accessible and affordable to people of all economic backgrounds.

Professional Development

We offer a range of in-demand professional courses to help you succeed in the tech sector.

empower students

Our team of Course and Career Advisors will help you to tailor your studies according to your specific career needs.

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